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About Brooklyn - Collectibles

Often overlooked by the vastness and glory of Manhattan, many travelers often forget about the mysteries, adventures, gastronomy, and everything else found in the quaint borough of Brooklyn. Through a trip to Brooklyn, you can fully immerse yourself into the most populous area of New York City, while escaping the crowded hustle and bustle of the big city. Within its antiqued neighborhoods and friendly demeanor, whether you’re looking for a day trip to the iconic Coney Island and Luna Park for a day of beach and boardwalks or for a food and bar tour through Park Slope, you may never find yourself without something to do. From catching the summer heat during a walking tour of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the Winter Village at Bryant Park, any time of the year marks an ideal time to visit this timeless corner of New York City. Furthermore, you can showcase your love and appreciation for this city with a brand new Brooklyn shirt or hat by taking a minute to browse among the city’s many relics on eBay. Leaving the big city behind is easy when you discover all of the charm Brooklyn has to offer.