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About Broken Beats

As a boy, he drove his mother crazy by taking apart the radio, the alarm clock, and the coffee machine. Now he is making money by fixing and selling expensive audio equipment like damaged Beats by Dre headphones. These designer headphones cost a pretty penny when new but, once they are damaged, their price drops significantly. Fixing broken headphones is often simple. The headphones consist of wiring, speakers, and a headband. Any of these can be replaced, making it possible to fix most headphone problems. The "Solo" headphones have only one color, so it is necessary to buy several pairs of broken Beats by Dre Solo headphones in the same color to fix them. Earphones with problems, like broken Tour Beats, take a steady hand as they have smaller parts. Even so, there is a good profit to be made by anyone who is willing to take the time to do the job. Find a wide selection on eBay of broken Beats by Dre headphones so you can fix your own pair or start a business that will make your mother smile.