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About Brinsea

Breeding birds whether for an agricultural or recreational purpose makes a great hobby. A Brinsea Incubator is essential for keeping the bird’s eggs warm and secure. The Mini Eco Brinsea Incubator is both practical and educational. Watch your eggs develop and hatch with this version. Holding up to ten hen size eggs, the temperature is controlled with a liquid glass in thermometer and an electronic temperature control. Your child’s eyes will light up as they can watch through the clear walls as the eggs hatch. Do you want to hatch more eggs than just ten at a time? The Brinsea Octagon 20 is perfect. Hatch up to 24 chicken eggs at a time with this version. The clear glass chamber allows for easy viewing as the eggs incubate at 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Dividers allow for incubation of eggs as small as finches and as large as geese and help ensure proper egg turning when necessary. Reliable sellers on eBay help make breeding eggs easy and affordable with both new and used Brinsea incubators. Incubate and hatch—watch your birds flourish.