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About Bride Seats

When you drive, your car becomes a part of you, an extension of your movement. You need stability to be able to fully embrace the power and performance your car has and Bride seats offer that stability. In 1981 Bride began production, strictly in Japan, offering sport reclining racing seats. Since their global conception the seats took off, Bride now offers several types of automotive seat applications. Bride racing seats utilize carbon fiber frames for a lightweight durability. The seats also feature a low max setting which sinks you further into the chair to create a more stable driving condition. Bride fabric seats are made with high quality materials such as suede, and have the Bride logo stitched into the back support. Bride has adjustable seats which allow you to position yourself for the best driving posture. Find your next pair of new or used Bride seats through the reliable sellers on eBay. Sit down in comfort, adjust your bride seat to your liking, and conquer the road just as you were born to do.