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About Brick Wallpapers

As you stare one day at your porch walls, the truth hits like a ton of bricks: your room needs a major makeover. Fortunately, you can create a new look with brick wallpaper. This wallpaper features classic brick designs you see on old school buildings, historic homes, and the outer walls of old churches. Using wallpaper, however, saves you hours of painstakingly putting brick walls together. Wallpaper adheres to many surfaces, including old paint. You can find this unique wallpaper in many colors, showing the variety of brick, which colors range from coffee brown and burnt sienna to orange, fire red, cherry, royal purple, slate gray, and blue. Carpenters and architects highlight fireplaces, mantels, and residential structures with lighter shades of bricks, while reserving darker tones for outside decor. Whatever you prefer, find a vast inventory of brick wallpaper on eBay. You can search an assortment of brick pattern wallpapers, find them in sheets, and in the style of brick wallpaper rolls too. Brick wallpaper is an easy way to transform your walls from drab to interesting, adding unique charm and even texture to your space.