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About Breyer Horses

Breyer horses are known for being so detailed it seems they could almost come to life when standing on a shelf. Perhaps that is because each model is envisioned by a gifted equine artist, and then finished by 20 or more craftspeople. Proudly display your horse-devoted spirit by starting or adding to a collection. Some of the horses available from reliable sellers on eBay are recognizable to horse lovers, like Misty of Chincoteague's adorable foal, Stormy. Other Breyer horses come with several in a set, and make great gifts. Make your favorite mounts look even more authentic by choosing Breyer horse saddles that feature grommets, leather stirrups, and other crucial miniature details. Discover English and Western styles that fit securely around the horses' girths. Complete your collection with Breyer horse trailers that are perfectly sized to fit the models inside. Some even come with trucks that connect to the trailers, making it easy to create an entire scene that demonstrates your passion for horses. Although you cannot ride these steeds, they are much easier to take care of than the real things, and some might say, just as beautiful.