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About Brett Favre

It was understandable when the hapless Ted (Ben Stiller) repeatedly stuttered, stumbled, and fumbled when trying to pronounce Brett Favre’s last name in the box-office smash, "There’s Something About Mary." Despite leading his Green Bay Packers to victory in the Super Bowl about a year before the release of the movie—co-starring Favre as himself—the quarterback’s name still riddled many of football’s more casual observers. Born Brett Lorenzo Favre in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1969, four years after New Yorker Stiller, Favre spent his childhood in the wilds of bayou country where he hunted and fished with his brothers—a countenance optimized in Wrangler jeans TV commercials. Favre is the only NFL player to win the Associated Press Most Valuable Player Award three times in a row, including 1997 when the Packers won the Super Bowl. Moreover, he has thrown for more yardage than any player in the history of the NFL. Collectors herald Favre’s hey-days by finding a signed Brett Favre jersey in the green and gold or a black, Sharpie-signed, Brett Favre helmet in mint condition from eBay sellers. Having to have some of his intestines removed from an auto accident in high school and later suffering some memory loss from his hard-nosed, dare-me style of quarterbacking, Brett Favre is destined to be cast among the legends of pro football for returning an early-90s team as hapless as Mary’s Ted to a status rivaling its glory years under the helms of fellow legends, Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi.