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About Bread Slicers

It is a little ironic that the greatest thing since sliced bread may just be a bread slicer. Perfect, uniform slices of your favorite bakery loaf are a thing of beauty, but they are even better, sliced just seconds before being popped into the toaster and slathered with a pat of salted butter and strawberry jam. A variety of models available in the vast inventory on eBay allow you to simply place a loaf of bread into the slicer and use the guides to cut even, mess-free portions. Additionally, you can cut extra-thick slices for French toast or garlic toast, or extra-thin ones for a sandwich that is light on calories. Crumb catchers allow for easy cleanup, and the knife guides ensure that your fingers stay safely away from the blade. Many models fold for easy, compact storage, and some are made from elegant, environmentally friendly bamboo wood that matches any kitchen decor. From the crustiest of ciabattas to the softest pound cakes and banana breads, there is no loaf too challenging for a bread slicer.