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About Bread Boxes

Few things spark the taste buds (and the imagination) like the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked bread. Whether you made it yourself or bought it at a local bakery, your bread stays fresh and soft for longer with a bread box. Store your bread and keep the loaf soft and tasty as you use it piece by piece. Even if you’re out of bread, the bread box can add a homey touch to your kitchen, bringing you back to your childhood days of visiting Grandma's house and savoring endless home-baked goods. Choose a vintage bread box made of wood or tin to recreate that nostalgic feeling in your home. For something more contemporary, however, stainless steel is a sleek and attractive choice. No matter the material, your bread box keeps the air away from your baked goods and can add to your kitchen’s style. Select a neutral color to that matches your kitchen’s walls, or be brave and go bold with a red bread box that stands out on the counter. Find new, used, and even antique bread boxes from reputable sellers on eBay. Even if you don't bake, a bread box makes it looks like you’re always up to your elbows in flour—and who knows? It may even inspire you to break out the baker’s hat and get started.