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About Bravo Outdrive

You speed across a lake, hovering just above the water and relying on the svelte lines of your performance boat, and the speed and power of a Bravo Outdrive. These outboard engines feature enhanced thrust bearings and a sturdy socket floor to deliver reliability and durability. With their intelligent design, Bravo Outdrives never slow you down with drag. A popular model in the Bravo family is the Bravo 1 Outdrive, designed for performance boats. The shaft and bearing design on this engine can stand up to the heaviest torque and thrust loads. Plus, the engine features a dual-water pickup gear case that increases cool water flow and ensures performance. For larger boats and cruisers, many turn to the Bravo 2 Outdrive, which gives you quick start times and consistent speeds that help optimize fuel efficiency. You can find an entire range of Bravo Outdrive products on eBay with convenient shipping options, so take a look and give your performance boat the outboard it deserves.