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About Brass Knuckles

Give your competitor something to grimace about with brass knuckles. The original purpose of these metal contraptions was to protect your knuckles, while devastating your opponent, but they have evolved to become a tough cultural icon. They feature four small holes on top of a larger hole, with the four smaller holes being where you slot your fingers when wearing them. The brass knuckle clutch, for instance, features the iconic design of this favored weapon to complement the feminine design of the purse. Brass knuckle rings also offer another way to style the contraption. These rings mimic the shape, often fitting on two fingers. For extra flair, they also boast spikes and design elements such as diamonds. For the best selection, you can look through the vast inventory on eBay. That way, you can find the brass knuckles accessories that work best for your lifestyle, as well as your fashion preferences. There is no better way to add a bit of rocker punk to your favorite outfit than with the eye-catching medal glimmering off your fingers or from your favorite accessory.