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About Brass Hinges

Get brassed off with eBay's selection of brass hinges, perfect for adding a little old school tradition to your home. From small brass hinges to brass strap hinges, you can find the perfect style to complement your doors, ornaments, trinkets, or even home-crafted wooden furniture. Why go for brass? It's not necessarily just about the authentic aged feel of a brass hinge that gives it such appeal. Brass is a substantial, strong, and enduring metal, which can hold its own against any kind of knocks and scrapes that you might get your doors (or anything else) into. eBay's reliable sellers can fuel your love of genuine antique brass hinges, or offer the clean, modern look of chrome-plated brass hinges (which are super shiny and not brass colored at all)—it all just depends on your personal style and taste. Just don't forget to get matching rivets, nuts, bolts or screws—nothing says sloppy more than a mismatch of metals.