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About Brake Bleeders

Over the past few weeks, you have begun noticing that your car's brakes are not as responsive as they once were. After speaking to your friend that happens to be much more knowledgeable about car things, they suggested that you may need a brake bleeder. Seeing the puzzled look on your face, your buddy explains that a brake bleeder is used to remove air bubbles from a hydraulic brake system. Air bubbles seem harmless enough, but if they exist in brake fluid, they can greatly reduce the amount of hydraulic pressure in your brake system. Your friend then suggests searching the wide range of products available on eBay for a brake bleeder kit. With this, you would have both a brake bleeder as well as a vacuum pump tester so you can always check how many air bubbles exist in your brake fluid. Otherwise, you can simply borrow his tester and instead focus on using a power brake bleeder that is compatible with your specific car. Fixing your brakes is not so daunting after all.