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About Braided Brake Line

It should not come as a surprise that the old rubber hose brings decidedly less bite to your brakes than a braided brake line. Girded in steel, a stainless braided brake line results in enhanced brake response and better pedal feel that makes stopping on a dime that much easier and reduces stop distances. Stainless steel braided brake lines achieve this by reducing the amount of bulge that happens on the line when you apply heavy force on your brakes. Although many OEM brake lines just use a basic Teflon tube, these aftermarket solutions encircle an inner Teflon tube with braided strands of steel, reducing expansion during brake pressurization. Additionally, this design provides reinforced protection for the brake line from debris on the road. Finally, the sleek metal finish of a braided brake line gives your car or bike the look and style of a real racer. Upgrade your vehicle by exploring the large inventory of brake supplies on eBay, and introduce a small change that makes a big difference to your car's performance.

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