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Shop the extensive inventory of decorative collectibles and Bradford Exchange collector plates!

About Bradford Exchange

Now remember kids, when you go to visit Nana, no ball games in the house, okay? You distinctly remember those being your last words as the kids left that morning, but here you are, consoling Nana as she holds the broken pieces of a Bradford Exchange collectible plate she has had for years. It was a rare, limited-edition piece as well, so it is not something you can nip down the shops to replace. Not to worry, though; the reliable sellers on eBay are there to help. They have an incredible selection of Bradford Exchange plates and other collectibles, including those rare pieces that have been out of production for years. From the beautiful Marilyn Monroe collector plates depicting the blond bombshell in her most iconic roles to the Great Super Bowl Quarterbacks plates, there is something for everyone. While you are buying the replacement plate, you could buy Nana a piece of Bradford Exchange jewelry as a way to apologize. Perhaps a Bradford Exchange sterling silver ring or a Swarovski crystal necklace will do the trick. You can take the money out of the kids' allowance. They will not need it while they are grounded anyway.