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About BP-511

Canon's stellar reputation for cameras has made them a quality choice for both professionals and amateurs. One of the lesser-known virtues of Canon's cameras is the batteries, like a Canon BP-511, that are capable of being useful in more than one camera. This allows photographers the luxury of multiple cameras without also having to worry about carrying the same amount of batteries for each. Consequently, Canon enthusiasts can instead simply carry a few of the same kind with them and have a ready knowledge of the weight, which is useful in some situations. A BP-511 charger makes this combination even more useful by charging batteries on their own without tying up a camera. Reliable sellers on eBay have all of these available and more. If looking for a new or refurbished battery, make sure to check that you don't need a Canon BP-511A instead. Matching the model is key for both the functioning of your camera and the life of your battery. Once you've figured out what you need, you're all set to keep taking photos—until you need to swap out your battery at least.

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