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About Boyds Bears

In August of 2014, Enesco announced that it was putting its Boyds Bears collectibles into "hibernation," which disappointed collectors everywhere. Luckily, you can still find a vast selection on eBay. The plush versions of these bears have been around since 1994, and the resins since 1993. You can recognize an authentic bear based on its whimsical but old-fashioned appearance, as well as the book-style hanger tag with the official paw print that comes with each one. The company offers a wide variety of collectibles. Some of the more popular ones are the patriotic Americana-style bears, as well as the Christmas products. From tree ornaments to nativity scenes, they make great gifts and display items for the holidays. The plush angel bears are also a fan favorite. Boyds Bears also make other products featuring its bears, including tapestries and treasure boxes. Whether you are a collector or just into cute home decor, it is hard not to find at least one Boyds Bear to love.

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