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About Bowsers

Take a break from destroying enemies and collecting coins, and snag a Bowser figurine to keep your love of Mario going. A Bowser plush is a fun collectible for the dedicated Mario fan. It makes a great gift for any kids who love video games, or even for the grown-up who never gave up on their quest to be the best Mario player in history and defeat the real Bowser for good, thwarting his attempts to steal Princess Peach and take over the world. Want something that looks a little fiercer than a stuffed toy? Browse a variety of figurines to start or add to your collection, featuring either friendly or menacing poses. Don't let the cute ones fool you—they still have plans for your demise. Find the ideal Bowser figure from reliable sellers on eBay, and pick up a few other characters along the way for your collection. Get your revenge on King Koopa by displaying him along with Mario and the princess. It's his final battle, but this time you’re in control of his destiny.