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About Bow Earrings

The belle of the ball swirled across the dance floor in her beautiful floor-length gown. Her elegant up-do paired perfectly with her dainty bow earrings; this could be you. Bow stud earrings make an elegant statement because they do not compete with a bold dress or trendy hairstyle. By keeping your accessories simple with a pair of pearl bow earrings you can achieve a feminine look that is perfect for a black tie event. The variety of bow stud earrings available on eBay can also complement the color and style of your dress. Opt for silver bow earrings if you are wearing a dress in a dark color, like navy, black, or deep purple. Additionally, if your dress is a neutral shade you have the freedom to pick a pair of bow earrings in a color like turquoise or pink. No matter what color you decide on, these small but stunning accessories can help you stray slightly from the traditional and add a touch of whimsy to a formal outfit.

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