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About Bow Blouses

You can transform an outfit from boring and drab to beautiful and fab with one simple article of clothing—a bow blouse. The loose fitting top accented with a lovely silk bow, either in the back or at the neck, is a lovely addition to a pencil skirt or even a peplum shirt. This pairing would make a great outfit to wear in the office or even out on a date with someone special. With the right accessories, you can really dress it up and wear it to an important meeting or event. Of course, you can also wear a bow blouse with a pair of shorts for a casual, laid-back look. You can find fun and flirty takes blouses with a bow by electing to wear a corset and tying a satin bow around your waist. With so many options on how to wear and style a blouse with a bow, you may never grow tired of the trend. Children wear bows in their hair, women wear large and loose bows on their blouses.