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About Bow and Arrow Sets

Well, you sent your child to camp to try out new activities… maybe archery was not what you expected him to pick up, but you never can tell what is going to click. If he is enthusiastic about his newly acquired skill, get him a bow and arrow set to practice at home. Make sure to get him a kids' set rather than a full-sized set. A set that is too large and heavy may discourage him. Look for a set that includes at least two arrows and an adjustable sight. The bow should have about an 18-pound draw weight and an 18 to 22-inch draw length. Most sets do not include a target, so you may have to buy or construct that separately. Alternatively, if you would rather not have him practicing archery outside of a supervised camp environment, consider getting him a toy bow and arrow set. A toy set does not have to be flimsy: look for one made of a sturdy material, such as fiberglass, with soft, suction cup tips. On eBay, you can find a large inventory of bow and arrow sets, including beginner archery sets for kids and toy sets. Who knows, once you see the archery set in action, you may even realize that a love for archery runs in the family.