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About BOV

Did you know your turbocharged car can get butterflies in their stomach just like you? You should know that it has nothing to do with getting all jittery and queasy, but a lot to do with their BOV, which stands for blow-off valve. Because when you step off the gas, all the air running through your compressor that is turbocharging your car, needs to go somewhere. Just like the human body, excess air can wreak havoc in the turbocharger system, shortening its useful life. Cars can't complain, but you bet on it that they would love a way to pass gas in a discreet manner. On eBay, you can find BOVs from major brands like HKS, Tial, Greddy, and Blitz, among others. Sold by reliable sellers, these blow-off valves may be new, used, or refurbished. Install a BOV and listen to your car sigh with relief when you lift off your pedal after going from zero to 60 in the fastest time possible.