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About Bounce Houses

Jump, laugh, and play until you are too tired to move anymore. That is just what kids of all ages and temperaments love to do in a bounce house. Like hyperactive bees to honey, children absorb themselves in the wonder of these inflatable playgrounds. Parents can choose from colorful products made from durable materials with quality stitching for less tearing. They come in various shapes, with themes like crayon, wizard, and more that cater to the personality of your child. For the prince or princess in your life, a towering bounce castle with a thrilling slide makes even the most regal child spring into laughter. Rainy days turn into the best days ever with an indoor bounce house that fits perfectly in your spare room and inflates easily with 110-120 volt blowers. eBay has new and used styles that support up to 10 children, with mesh lining on the windows. Put a smile on your child's face and bounce boredom towards the sky.