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About Bottle Necklace

When you were a little girl, you always seemed to be intrigued with your grandmother’s beautiful bottle necklace. That vintage bottle necklace was an old, thick chain with Victorian swirls and flowers that she used as a perfume bottle, and it hung approximately 19 inches long to the bottom of the bottle. For years, you have longed to own such an elegant piece, and then last Christmas your best friend surprised you with one that she found on eBay. The piece was almost identical to the one you remembered from your youth, and you have decided to look for other pieces just like it. You are excited when you browse eBay’s listings and come across a unique message-in-a-bottle necklace, which you find captivating. The sparkly necklace measures approximately 30 inches in length and has a delicately handcrafted, 2-inch pendant bottle with freshwater pearls inside. In addition, the bottle is made of antique gold and becomes one of your favorite pieces in short order. When you wear your new necklace to visit Granny, she is just as captivated by it as you were with the necklace that served as its inspiration all of those years ago.