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About Boss Pedal

When it comes to playing guitar, tone and tune are of utmost importance. A Boss pedal keeps you in tune or gives you just the right amount of distortion for a smoking hot guitar solo. The iconic 1980s-era Boss DS-1 distortion pedal is a bright orange classic straight out of Japan. This pedal features separate tone and distortion knobs to dial up just the right amount of distortion, whether you like to rock out with power cords or power-packed solos. While a Boss tuner pedal does not color your sound, it ensures your strings are in tune, which means your guitar sounds its best no matter what your playing style. No matter how many Boss pedals you own or want, they can be chained together so you can stomp them on or off at a whim, whether running off 9-volt battery power or a power adapter. Reliable sellers on eBay carry Boss pedals new and used, current and vintage, perfect for tweaking your sound to a custom tone or replicating your favorite recordings.

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