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About Boss Chorus

Getting the rich sound professionals rely on to complement your electric guitar is as simple as plugging in the Boss Chorus Ensemble and hitting a cord. The Ensemble takes your talent and makes it richer by giving it a fullness and smooth line. For guitar, and especially bass, players of the Boss Chorus Ensemble have achieved an almost epic status in rock and other genres. The Boss CE-3 Chorus pedal, weighing in at only 16 ounces, is a small, compact size that goes wherever you play. With both low- and high-cut filters, the pedal creates good tonality of the chorus, while the classic 1980s Boss CE-3 Stereo Chorus pedal offers a wide range of modulation options incorporating an additional stereo output. No matter which Boss Chorus Ensemble you select, it is available on eBay, both new and used. Plug it in and play a few riffs, be amazed at the sound quality you can produce; not just mimicking the professionals, but sounding like one. It does not get any better than this.

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