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About Bose SoundDock Adapter

Sometimes you just want your music all to yourself, but for the times when you want to ditch the earbuds and share the tunes, use a Bose SoundDock adapter to get the job done. This adapter provides quality, out loud sound to your personal playlist. There is a large inventory of Bose SoundDock Bluetooth music receiver adapters available on eBay, as well replacement power cords and compatible accessories. Built for heavy duty and long lasting performance, a replacement 20V Bose SoundDock AC adapter power supply cord features surge protection for over voltage, overheating, and short circuit protection. Go a step further and opt for a Bose SoundDock Bluetooth adapter — it is light and portable, and can provide music through your Bluetooth connection through long distances. Use it with your iPhone, iPod, or Bluetooth supported digital devices. Enjoy a high-quality, portable sound in every room of your house with the help of a Bose SoundDock adapter.

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