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About Bose Headphones

You all know those people on the subway who think that no one else can hear their music; and there is nothing more irritating to fellow commuters than headphones that do not do their job. Avoid being "that guy" at all costs with a pair of Bose headphones. Bose in-ear headphones are small and unobtrusive, yet they provide a clear sound and are compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. If you want to alternate seamlessly between listening to music and talking on the phone, choose a pair of Bose headphones with an in-line microphone. The in-the-ear fit is not for everybody however, so if you prefer classic headphones, search through the inventory on eBay for Bose on-ear headphones. These headphones are bulkier, but they are more comfortable for long listening sessions and cancel out all noises around you. Designed with a bigger speaker, they also deliver a fuller range of sounds. There is no reason you have to share your taste in music with those around you, and with a set of Bose headphones, you do not need to. Let your fellow subway passengers snooze through their commute in peace and quiet.