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About Borghese

Did you know that the name ‘Borghese’ actually comes from a family of Italian papal nobility dating back to the 13th century? It’s probably no coincidence that the self-confessed Italian spa inspired beauty range, Borghese, named itself after such a prominent family. With a huge range of cosmetics, skincare, makeup, hair care, fragrances, and even something for your Italian stallion (they have a men’s product line too)—Borghese has become a cult favourite. The most popular product has to be the Borghese mud mask—especially the Fango Ferma mask, which you can actually take lessons for, to learn how to apply properly! But if you fancy trying out a little bit of everything, just to see what suits you—minus the lessons—then you can go for a Borghese set available from many of eBay’s reliable sellers. Pamper yourself in indulgent Italian style, and let your inner radiance shine.