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About Boot Stretchers

These boots may be made for walking, but they are not made to fit your feet and calves. Get back in the saddle with the assistance of boot stretchers. This tool comes in handy for boots that have become too tight or that were never broken in to begin with. They are made from wood, aluminum, and plastic to meld an array of materials, working best with suede, leather, and other natural fabrics. Use stretchers to make the boot uppers roomier to alleviate pain caused by bunions or corns. Shaft stretchers can increase the boot's leg circumference when your calves become thick from long days on the ranch. Men's and women's boot stretchers can form fit your footwear without damaging the boot's shape. In addition to cowboy boot stretchers, generic models can stretch any style of boot including work, riding, and fashion boots. Saturate your boots with shoe stretching liquid for optimal results, and insert the stretcher into shoe overnight or longer, but do not expect them to stretch more than a size or two. Browse the large inventory of boot stretchers on eBay and get your feet the right fit.