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About Boot Cuffs

If you have ever tried to shove your feet into your favorite pair of boots while wearing thick socks, you may have found the process uncomfortable and annoying. Thanks to boot cuffs, you no longer need to try to combine thick socks with boots in order to get the look of a knitted sock peeking over the top of your boots. Boot cuffs can be worn on the leg as a sort of garter or placed on the boot itself, covering the top of the boot's shaft. They come in a variety of materials and styles, including knit or crochet styles and faux fur. Boot cuffs can help you to change up the look of your boots, and they can also help you stay warm and protected from discomfort caused by the top of the boot rubbing against your calf or knee. There is a vast inventory of boot cuffs on eBay in a variety of colors. Some are specific for particular boot brands, such as cuffs for Hunter brand boots, which feature the company's logo.