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About Bonnet Hair Dryers

As a kid, you went with your mom or your grandmother to the beauty shop and watched as they sat under those massive dryers. Even though they looked a little funny, those bonnet hair dryers were pretty efficient. They also do not mess up your hair when you are trying to set a style. You can do other things, sitting calmly under the bonnet, instead of having to hold the hair dryer yourself. If you really want the full experience, then you need to look into vintage bonnet dryers. These machines really stood the test of time, and most of them still operate perfectly even today. If you and your girlfriends like to get together for spa days, then a portable version is a must. These fold up and fit into their own case until you are ready to let them loose again. With the vast inventory on eBay, finding the right bonnet hair dryers is no work at all. You can get caught up on all those magazines while your hair dries.