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About Bonnets

Since the dawn of human history, women have been trying to protect their hair and faces from the elements. There was once a time when it was a taboo for a woman to go outside without her bonnet. Brimless styles kept dust out of her hair and kept it from getting messy in the wind. In the days before sunscreen was invented, bonnet styles with brims kept the sun out of the face, which was very important in an age where a milky, porcelain complexion was considered the height of fashion. However, as time wore on, hats replaced bonnets as the headgear of choice for women. In modern times, baby bonnets are more common than styles for adults, but some women still wear them as part of costumes. Sellers on eBay offer an excellent selection of bonnets, from antique pioneer bonnet styles to brand new re-creations. Buyers looking for a baby gift can find a large inventory of baby bonnet styles in a variety of sizes and colors.