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About Bolster Pillows

When it comes to pillows, bigger means bolster. Bolster pillows, you might say, equate to the limousines of the pillow world. They feature long, narrow bodies, deriving shape from down, synthetic, and cotton fillings. Some contain foam inserts, which add extra support. They close with fasteners in hook-and-loop systems, or with zippers. Bolsters traditionally serve functional and aesthetic uses. You can place them beneath your head for lumbar support, or place them on couches and daybeds for arm support while reading books and magazines. Some parents use these pillows as barriers and bumpers in cribs, and many people use them as loungers, placing them on floors in living rooms. Bolster pillows feature a uniform design, but throw on a pillow case and within seconds can have a whole new look. Choose from both plain colors and attention-grabbing patterns with beautiful vintage roses or bright and cheery floral patterns. On eBay, you can browse a large inventory of pillows to find one meeting your needs. Here, you can search for pillows ideal for using on certain pieces of furniture, like daybeds. You can search for pillows suitable for using inside and outside too, or narrow your selection by color, brand, or sham size to find the bolster of your dreams.