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About Bohemian Glasses

Bohemian glass, also called Czech glass, is a type of lead crystal that is prized for its deep, beautiful colors and brilliantly cut facets. It was made in Bohemia in the Czech Republic starting in the 13th century, which means there are many antique Bohemian glass items still available today. In the 17th century, Caspar Lehmann, the gem cutter for Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, adapted gem engraving techniques to employ copper and bronze wheels to make even more brilliant looking Bohemian glass vases, bowls, goblets, and numerous other items. Bohemian glass comes in a wide variety of colors, such as transparent red, cobalt blue, amber, and green. It is often embellished with gold or enamel decorations, hand-cut crystal facets, paintings of flowers or other designs, or all three. Hand blown figurines of swans and other animals are popular, and many pieces have an iridescent sheen formed by special firing and reduction techniques. You can shop the huge inventory offered by reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on these beautiful items.