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About Bohemian Garnets

Bohemian garnet, also called pyrope, belongs to the garnet family. The name "pyrope" derives from the Greek words for "fire" and "eye," and upon seeing the mineral in person, you can see why. Bohemian garnet comes in a variety of red shades, ranging from bright reds to crimson shades, deep purple, and dark ruby. Its beauty makes this mineral a very popular gemstone for jewelry, and you can find it embedded in necklaces, rings, dangling earrings, and accenting bracelets worn by pyrope aficionados around the world. You can join the universal club of pyrope lovers by purchasing a Bohemian garnet ring, featuring a large, perfectly cut piece of pyrope encased in a shiny silver or sparkling gold band. You can even double the fun with a beautiful Bohemian garnet necklace, which takes on different shades of red depending on the surrounding lighting. When your best friend fawns over your new purchases and wants a necklace or earrings made from the precious garnet gemstone for her own, you can direct her to go on eBay, where a large variety of new and used pyrope products awaits.