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About Body Shapers

Show off those curves day or night in a winning and slimming body shaper that hugs your hips and gives you the girlish figure you crave. Find full shapers in the large inventory on eBay that resemble one-piece swimsuits and that keep everything tucked in just right from hips to chest. Made of various materials including spandex, silk, satin, and nylon, body shapers can take the form of pretty panties or beautiful bras. Choose a nude body shaper from Spanx and feel like a celebrity strolling down the red carpet in classic Hollywood style. You can wear a shaper under any designer or vintage gown to achieve an hourglass figure that turns heads and gets second and third looks. From thigh slimmers that resemble biker shorts to body briefs that keep your tummy under control, body shapers are the best-kept ladies' secret around, fitting discreetly under clothing of all kinds. When you want to look your best and feel confident in your dress, slip on a body shaper that shows what you want and hides what you would rather not show.