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About Body Oils

Jessica stepped from the shower and as she toweled off, she remembered last night, when Bryan had remarked about how incredibly silky smooth her skin was, and how delicious she smelled, subtle and rich, not overpowering and sweet. Jessica pulled her Sweet Almond and Apricot body oil from the vanity shelf and gently rubbed a light layer over her skin. She knew her skin was one of her best features, smooth and soft with a healthy glow. She attributes much of her skin's luminescence to her moisturizing body oil. She uses it after showers or swimming and even rubs it into her hands after she has been cooking or gardening and they feel especially dry. Tonight, she and Bryan have scheduled a couple's massage as part of their anniversary gifts to each other. Jessica grabs her coconut lime scented body oil, which she found on eBay, and places the new bottle in her bag so she won't forget to take that along. She knows Bryan will enjoy the scent and will appreciate his rough skin being soothed by the oil. It's going to be a fun night and a wonderful anniversary.