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About Body Hammers

The day started just like any other, but as you were backing out of the driveway, your day took a turn as you hit the mailbox. If you have a set of body hammers, you can pound out those dents without too much trouble. The auto body hammers you choose for the job depend upon the type of work you need to perform. Common hammer styles include the chisel, pick, claw, and cross peen. If you have low spots that need to be raised, you can choose the pick hammer, whereas cross chisel and cross peen styles work well on ridges. The weight of the body hammers also matters, as lower weights, such as a 12-oz. model, work well for delicate work, and heavier hammers, such as an 18-oz. model, work best for more extensive repairs. For a reliable brand name in automotive tools, consider the Snap-on body hammers to complete your job. You can find vintage tools from the 1920s all the way through to modern-day designs, so you can find the best tool for your requirements. Whether you like a Snap-on or other brand of body hammer, the large selection available on eBay is sure to have just what you need.