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About Boba Fett Costumes

You as a Star Wars addict — may the force be with you. Some people might raise an eyebrow when they see that you have not only a Darth Vader costume, a Han Solo costume, and a Darth Maul costume, but also a very cool Boba Fett costume in that closet as well, but do not let that quell your fun side. Choose a deluxe Boba Fett costume with the gray jumpsuit and the molded and painted distressed armor pieces with realistic bullet holes for next year's costume party. The included dark green cape has Wookie braids to give it an authentic look, even up close. The Boba Fett costume's mask and helmet have a see-through visor with a molded fit and the signature right-side antenna so that with the visor down, you look just like the tough-as-nails character. An authentic Boba Fett prop costume even includes the gloves, gauntlets, and the hard plastic ammunition belt in brown to complete the rough space bounty-hunter look for Halloween.