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About Bob Ross Paintings

Happy trees, almighty mountains, and fluffy clouds were among the signature pieces created by Bob Ross. For those that watched his television show, you know that a Bob Ross painting was more than just an artist putting brush to paper. His television show no longer airs new showings, but luckily, you can find his best lessons on Bob Ross painting DVDs to learn his favored wet-on-wet oil painting technique. He mastered this technique through the creation of 25,000 to 30,000 paintings throughout his lifetime of painting on television. Through short brush strokes and a layering of paint, Ross created beautiful landscape paintings that looked like masterpieces. In addition to offering lessons, Bob Ross oil paints and other supplies make it easy to mimic your own art studio to look just like his. A vast inventory on eBay helps you find exactly what you need to get started becoming a hobby painter. Bob Ross painting lessons can give you the instruction that you need, all while inspiring you to paint like one of the best.