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About Boater Hats

Some people are reminded of old time barbershop quartets, while others reminisce about the turn of the century and the times of courting on bicycles built for two. And while others think of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, "The Great Gatsby," there is no denying the strong reaction to the memories classic straw boater hats bring to anyone who has seen them featured in popular culture or have been lucky enough to own one. Typically made of woven straw to help them stay afloat if lost during a boat outing, these classic men's hats feature a squared-off crown, a narrow, rounded brim, and a wide ribbon around the band, usually in a dark navy blue or black with a red stripe through the middle. Men's straw boater hats have made a comeback in recent years with the popularity of period pieces like "Titanic" and "Boardwalk Empire" that display these types of hats as part of male dress of the time. Finding new or vintage boater hats is easy on eBay, where a vast inventory of hats offers shoppers a variety of options from reliable sellers.