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About Boat Trailer Tires

Catching a few rays, maybe a few fish, but more importantly, spending time on the water with your family is what the day is all about. When you hear one of the boat trailer tires blow and the trailer begins to drag, you know today is not the day you expected. Luckily, you have a couple 12-inch boat trailer tires on hand, but they are smaller than the others. You need 14-inch boat trailer tires all around in order to haul your boat safely to and from the lake, and you may as well replace them all before you end up on the side of the road again. The vast inventory of boat trailer tires found on eBay makes it easy to find those you need. The tubeless heavy-duty tires you need offer at least a six-ply road range and can handle 1,820 lbs. of load on each tire. If you are serious about upgrading your boat and want to keep the trailer, you may consider eight-ply road range tires with a 2,540 lb. load capacity per tire.