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About Boat Seat Pedestals

Out on the water all your cares melt away, and nothing should interrupt your comfort. A boat seat pedestal is a simple but effective tool to make your boating experience even more comfortable and relaxing. It supports and raises your seat and keeps it stable, whether you are motoring to your destination or kicking back to relax on the gentle waves. Adjustable boat seat pedestals let you tailor your comfort to your needs at any given moment. You can raise or lower the seat and adjust its pitch so you can lean back comfortably or sit upright for an optimal viewing angle. Boat seat pedestal sets make the seating in your boat uniform, giving everyone the same experience when you go out for a spin on the big blue. If you simply need to replace a faulty part on an existing boat seat, it is possible to buy a base, mount, or pin separately. You can find a variety of boat seat pedestals in the vast inventory of boating accessories on eBay.