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About BMW R60

A 1972 edition of Cycle World described the BMW R60 as a "beautifully engineered traveling man's machine." It is the sort of bike that you get on with some extra clothes and a toothbrush and take off for a few days without a map. It has been made in various guises through the years from 1955 until 1978. The 60 part of the name refers to the engine size — 600cc — with the earliest models, including the BMW R60/2, producing 30 bhp. The bikes that were shipped to the US were standard motorcycles, but elsewhere in the world, the BMW R60 at that time came with duplex steel frames and mounting points to bolt on a sidecar. The R60/5 was the next release in this line of bike, coming out in 1970. It still had a flat twin boxer engine but it was completely redesigned, giving it better performance and 46 bhp. The electrics were also improved. The R60/6, released in 1974, saw further improvement to the electrics, but the model was coming to the end of its life. The BMW R60/7, produced from 1977 until 1978, was the last in the line. Take your pick of perfection thanks to the vast inventory found on eBay.

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