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About BMW R1200C

The image that often comes to mind when you think of BMW motorcycles is a gentleman wearing a shirt and tie under his Gortex jacket. With the BMW R1200C, the German manufacturer sought to change that image. Instead, it created a motorcycle that evokes emotion. It is a motorcycle that is about the allure of being cool, instead of just being about technological performance. It is a cruiser, which was a significant departure for a company whose focus since 1923 has been on making touring, sports, and dual-sports bikes. So with the BMW R1200C, you get traditional cruiser styling — foot pegs in front of your knees, a low riding position, and wide handlebars. But this is still a BMW. That means the 1200cc engine is a V-twin boxer, which in itself gives this bike a unique look. It also gives good levels of performance, particularly with the amount of torque you have available at low speeds. The optional BMW R1200C windshield makes riding long distances easier, plus you can get ABS brakes as an option. Production ended in 2004, but there is a vast inventory found on eBay. You can also get parts, including BMW R1200C batteries, engines, and electrics.