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About BMW R100

Whether you are attracted to the steady purr of the engine, the speedy acceleration, or the simple feeling of freedom offered by a motorcycle, the BMW R100 will satisfy all of your desires. BMW bikes are known for their high speed and impressive power numbers, and the R100 series is no exception to that rule. The motor, a four-stroke two-cylinder Boxer, puts out an impressive 980cc, with enough horsepower to move a compact car. Of course, the handling of a BMW R100RS or R100CS is far greater than that of a Corolla, and as far as design goes, few models can match it. The R100 is sleek and futuristic, with a double loop tubular frame. The electrical system is top-notch, far ahead of its time at production and still current today. The bike puts out 53 lbs. per foot of torque, an impressive number for any bike. Today, R100s are considered a collector's bike, although they more than deliver on performance. You can find plenty of BMW R100s and parts for sale in the vast inventory on eBay.