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About BMW Keys

Replacing or duplicating a set of car keys is a much more complex process than simply going to your local hardware store and getting a key cut as you might with your front door keys. BMW keys are specially designed and may need to be authenticated by a licensed BMW dealer, so if you have lost or damaged all the keys to your beloved car, you will need to buy a specialized key blank that will fit your car's ignition. Official BMW replacement keys typically have other nice features other than simply being the right fit for your car, including BMW emblems and keyless entry buttons. Given that many high end vehicles are starting to use keyless ignition, you may find yourself in need of some replacement BMW key fobs instead of an actual key blank. These fobs, like traditional keys, may come with emblems, logos, or buttons that match up with your specific vehicle, making it necessary to search for a BMW specific fob. There is a vast inventory of BMW keys on eBay, including fobs, key blanks, and key cases.