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About BMW K1200LT Motorcycles & Parts

Purring with a life of its own, the engine of your BMW K1200LT puts out powerful 116 horsepower on the road. This luxury touring motorcycle combines the best aspects of German engineering, comfort and state-of-the-art technology. Standard ABS with extendable electro-hydraulic main stand and the back-up aid help you get into and out of tight spots. A maximum speed of over 124 miles per hour make it possible to span great distances in the blink of an eye. The large 6.3-gallon fuel tank ensures that you have the means to make it across those miles too. A 12 Volt BMW K1200LT battery, also available on eBay, is maintenance free. Should you need to make any repairs the trusted sellers on eBay can also help provide the BMW K1200LT parts. A top-class light-weight chassis made from cast aluminum can handle the rough terrain with no problem. You can also carry up to 469 pounds of extra weight including yourself and a passenger on this tough tourer. Take command of the road with the BMW K1200LT.