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About BMW K100

When most people think of BMW, their minds drift toward massive executive sedans with sporty engines and deep throttles. However, the BMW K100 series makes a compelling case to include sleek motorcycles at the top of the list. The K100 series features four cylinder engines that turn out 987cc of displacement, an impressive number for any two-wheeled vehicle. The design is incredibly modern with wide, sculpted panels reflecting sunlight in unison. BMW K100 parts turn an eye towards quality. The brakes are two-piston Brembo calipers on undrilled disks. The K100 can hold a luggage rack, allowing riders to load up with supplies for road trips or work materials. The BMW K100RS features sports fairing and lower bars for a sleeker and more dynamic overall package. The K100LT, on the other hand, is considered the 'luxury touring' edition, perfect for long drives. The K100 can take impressive list of accessories including a motorcycle watch, water cup bracket, and various decals. You can find plenty of BMW bike parts and accessories on sale by browsing through the impressive inventory on eBay. The BMW K100 motorcycle line continues to inspire bike enthusiasts and speed freaks today.